Rotary Art Auction

Environmental & Print
The Challenge

Rotary plans an art auction in the German city of Munich to fund non-profit projects. A wide range of artistic works will be auctioned. To maximize proceeds, Rotary needs a catchy brand, an impressive venue, a convincing evening program, an auction catalog and a website. The concept emphasizes the high-profile nature of the auction.

The Solution

The art auction targets all human senses. To relate the artworks to nature, they are presented at a vernissage at the exhibition space of the environmental advocacy group BUND Naturschutz, located in Bavaria’s Five Lakes Region. The created brand, Kunstauktion5, expresses the auction’s commitment to the regional environment in a single word. The actual auction takes place at the representative headquarters of the accounting firm BBH. Soul singer Maggie Jane accompanies the event. The result is pure sensation.